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Social Events


The following are details of upcoming social events:

10 Pin Bowling (Hanley)
We are having a 10pin bowling evening at the 10pin bowling alley on Festival Park in Haney on 20th October 2018.

Arrive at 7:30pm and we are having 2 games of bowling, the cost (for 2 games) is as follows :
Adults : £13.70
Junior : £11.20

Food is available at the venue itself as well as pool etc. For more info please visit the bowling alleys website : Click here

If you are not sure where it is then Click here

You can book online for this event (please indicate if you are an Adult or Junior e.g. "Joe Public (Adult)" and please book everyone individually (you can click on the back button)) : Click here

I could do with all the money being paid upfront before the event, you can pay via Paypal if you have a paypal account (my paypal account email is "") or in cash to me at the club.


Apres Shoot
After most shoots we normally pop in the New Finney Gardens for drinks, everyone is most welcome to attend.