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Hello and thank you for taking time to visit the website of Trent Valley Archers.

We are a very friendly community focused amateur sports club which is dedicated to the sport of archery. We are now based at one site in North Staffordshire.

Michelin Athletic Centre Tuesday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Why Archery?

Archery has been around for approximately 30,000 to 50,000 years; it was used for hunting for food and defence until the advanced development of gunpowder.

Archery became more popular as a sport in the Victorian era, where it was one of the few sports when men and women could take part and compete at the same levels.

Today, there are about 60,000 archers in the UK. Ranging in all ages, from 6 years old to archers in their 90's!!!

Here are some reasons why people should consider archery as a sport;


1. Archery is a sport that is safe for all who compete. Everyone has to complete a beginner's course which teaches the archer how to shoot safely and to protect themselves and other archers from injury.

2.  Archery teaches discipline and helps concentration.

3.  Youngsters especially benefit from the sport as it helps to develop character and build friendships.

4.  You can compete in tournaments outside your club or just shoot for fun, it is entirely up to you.

5. Archery is a physical activity and it encourages fitness.

6.  Archery helps stimulate a healthy mental state that benefits us all from the trials and tribulations of daily living.

At Trent Valley Archers, we believe that every youngster that walks through the door has the potential to reach the top!!!